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This is our Retraction system for puddle jumper floats.

Another system to improve flying with your plane.

Puddle jumper floats are a fantastic product that permits you and your plane to reach places that you could never dream of without them.

By going one step farther and developing the automatic retraction system for puddle jumper float, we’ve made the whole operation and maintenance of the floats much simple.

Everything gets done with one flick of a switch. Wheels come down then the gate takes its place over the wheels fork to lock it in place and vice a versa.

All the movement and mechanical parts are now outside the plane and the only link to the rest of your aircraft to be removed when swapping floats to wheels is an electrical connector. Not bad hey! We have transfer all mechanical movements and sequence in a fairing between the floats and attached it to the rear cross spreader. So it is right under the C.G. and not in your way in the cockpit. Installation is somewhat simpler, as you don’t have to crawl in the cockpit to rout anything… Just a permanent switch on your dash and its wire to the battery. Voila!

The whole system weight in at 6lb and can be yours for $1895.00CND.

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