• Consulting and custom building

    Our goal is to help you build and maintain your aircraft so that you can be both proud and confident in your plane. To that end we provide a wide range of consulting and building services. We're there when you need advice to make your building experience more enjoyable!

  • Repairs

    We are also available to repair aircraft: both major repairs to heavily damaged aircraft (including a complete airworthiness check of the repaired aircraft) as well as routine repairs to those that are necessary because you've had so much fun flying. Normal wear is just part of the game.

  • Courses in building recreational aircraft

    We offer a 40-hour program that provides hands-on instruction for those wanting to learn to build homebuilt aircraft. We use your airplane to guide you step-by-step through each of the critical skills required to build, outfit, cover, finish, and power your homebuilt.

  • Hourly consulting services

    We offer hourly consulting services to answer any questions you may have about building an aircraft, including what to buy and/or where to buy it. Consulting can be done over the telephone or at your place, in which case travel and per diem charges would be extra.