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2000 Lite Series, Advanced Ultralight Retractable Ski Package

If you want the best ski package in existence for your Advanced Ultralight, this is it! Our Datum Series 2000 Lite retractable ski package provides the safety and reliability that your winter flying demands. Retractable skis provide the flexibility you need.

With our retractable skis, you will be able to land almost anywhere. Take off from a clean paved runway and lower your skis to land on snowy fields. Use the skis to take off snow and then retract them to use cleared runways and taxiways at the local airport.

Retractable skis also make it much easier to get your plane out of the hangar. Use the wheels to roll the plane out onto snow, flip a switch to lower the skis and you're ready to take off. Our mechanisms are strong enough that they can be activated while you are in your plane with your passenger.

Composition Fiberglass body with polyethylene (UHMW) soles, stainless hardware
Main ski dimensions 163 x 56.5 cm (64 1/2" x 14 3/16")
Front, non retractable wheel / ski dimensions N/A
Tire opening width 21 cm (8 1/4"); Max tire: 17 1/2" (can accommodate Cleveland brakes)
Actuators All electric, simple wiring/installation
Load Capacity 545 - 772 kg (1200 - 1700 lbs)
Color White with royal blue flourescent trim
Price $5400.00CDN + S&H
  * Price includes a set of 2 skis with all necessary hardware.
* prices subject to change without notice.